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Amusnet Strategic Plans for Southeast Asia: Insights from SiGMA Asia 2024
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Amusnet Strategic Plans for Southeast Asia: Insights from SiGMA Asia 2024

Amusnet is taking a strategic step towards global expansion with its participation in SiGMA Asia. What challenges and opportunities have you encountered in the Asian market, and how have you overcome them? 

Our visit this year at SiGMA Asia represented our growing portfolio of games and our new product – the Type S slot cabinets. In general, our company is in the very early stage of entering the Asian market. We are on the final stretch before the first cooperation with online casinos operating in the region. Given our global expansion and the opening of our representative offices in various countries, we could not help but turn our attention to the region of Southeast Asia. In this regard, I am glad to share that we plan to have an official branch of our company in the near future, situated most likely in Manila. We consider the Philippines a very strategic and business-wise location for a company like ours to have a presence. With this, we declare our serious intentions to have a tangible presence in all regional markets.


What specific objectives does Amusnet have for its participation in SiGMA Asia 2024? How do you plan to maximise the networking and business opportunities this event offers? 

Our main objective during the SiGMA event was to demonstrate our products to the audience, meet the local regulator - PAGCOR, and operators of Land-based and online casinos. We aimed to exchange experiences and understand the specifics of the markets in the region to ensure our products are tailored precisely to meet the needs of the local audience. At such events, everyone can get the essential information and optimise their business network at a reasonably practical level.  


What are your expectations for the launch of new products, such as the Type S slot cabinet and your online casino offerings? Could you highlight the main technological and design features of these products? 

Our experience in the online industry for almost ten years has allowed us to create more diverse products with exciting functionalities. We implemented the same in our first slot cabinets, which will set us apart from the rest. Our first series of physical products is made of high-end materials with exquisite design. It is equipped with the latest peripherals, and high-quality monitors with an innovative lobby through which players can access a selection of our premium games. In general, expectations for the entry of our products into the Southeast Asian market are pretty positive, fueled by our strong track record in most regions globally.


Have you had to adapt the content and features of your products specifically for the Asian audience, and if so, how? 

Our ever-growing portfolio comprises a variety of games that are well-received across numerous markets. We strongly believe that players from markets across Asia will appreciate our work. Of course, each market has its specifics. That's why we take the time to understand them and implement them in our products to meet market trends.

Certainly, each market possesses its distinct attributes. Hence, we dedicate the necessary time to investigate and comprehend all the specifics and align them with our product offerings to meet the prevailing market trends and be attractive to the audience.


Finally, with the various rules and regulations in the region being crucial to the gaming industry, how does Amusnet handle regulatory compliance in different Asian markets?

As I already mentioned, we are at a very early stage of our presence in this market. We take rules, regulations, and fair play very seriously not only for this particular market but worldwide. At this stage, we are having preliminary exploratory discussions with the Philippine regulator PAGCOR. Then, step by step, we will adapt to other Asian markets and the specific regulatory frameworks.